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Happy 100th Birthday: Mrs. Joan Pearsall

Photo of Joan Pearsall courtesy of

Mrs. Joan Pearsall Celebrated her 100th Birthday on August 8, 2022. 

Below is a post from August 8, 2021. 

Mrs. Joan Pearsall will celebrate her 99th birthday, August 8, 2021.

Mrs. Joan Pearsall is dear to many at Saint Mary Cathedral. Our Latin Mass Community has her to thank for writing a letter to the bishop requesting the Traditional Latin Mass, back in the late 1980’s.

Here is the link to the original response letter Joan received in 1988 from Bishop John McCarthy, authorizing the celebration of the TLM in the Diocese of Austin, Texas.

In 2017 we asked Joan to write the history of How the Latin Mass started in the Austin Diocese. Here is the result, which includes her conversion story: Joan Pearsall’s History of SJLMS.

Joan was interviewed several years ago for a Catholic podcast. Here is a link to the podcast: “1940s WWII British Girl –– The Blitz on London, Swing Dancing and the New World”.

In 2018, generous donors from the St. Joseph Latin Mass Society honored Joan Pearsall by commissioning a new set of green vestments for the priests of Saint Mary Cathedral. Vestments arrived a year later, 2019. 




Fr. Daniel Liu, Rector, Saint Mary Cathedral • July 2019

Rorate Caeli Candlelight Sung Mass 6:15 am Saturday, December 4th

Join us at 6:15 am Saturday, December 4th at Saint Mary Cathedral for a beautiful Advent tradition of the Rorate Caeli Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This will be a Sung Mass and the entire Cathedral will be lit only by candlelight.

2020 Rorate Mass @ Saint Mary Cathedral Austin, Texas

Isaiah 45:8:
Rorate, caeli, desuper, et nubes pluant justum, aperiatur terra, et germinet Salvatorem.”
“Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just: let the earth be opened and bud forth a Saviour.”

Advent & Christmas TLM Schedule 2021

Advent & Christmas Schedule of Traditional Latin Masses at Saint Mary Cathedral:

  • Friday, December 3, 9:30 am Low Mass –– First Friday of the month.
  • Saturday, December 4, 6:15 am Rorate Caeli Candlelight Sung Mass in Honor of The Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Sunday, December 5, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Second Sunday of Advent.
  • Wednesday, December 8, 4:00pm & 7:15 pm Sung Mass –– Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Sunday, December 12, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Third Sunday of Advent Gaudete Sunday (Rose vestments).
  • Sunday, December 19, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Fourth Sunday of Advent.
  • Saturday, December 25, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Nativity of Our Lord.
  • Sunday, December 26, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity.
  • Saturday, January 1, 2022, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Octave Day of the Nativity of Our Lord.
  • Sunday, January 2, 7:30 am Low Mass and 3:30 pm Sung Mass –– Holy Name of Jesus.
2019 Saint Mary Cathedral in Austin, Texas

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October 7: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Today’s Collect for the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary:

O God, whose only-begotten Son, by his life, death and resurrection, hath purchased for us the rewards of eternal salvation; grant, we beseech thee, that meditating upon these mysteries in the most holy Rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary, we may both imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise. Through the same Lord.

Propers for the Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

The Battle of Lepanto by Paolo Veronese